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It all starts with an board full of numbers...

Touch Draw to Begin

The Bungo Uroca Game

An improvement over flash cards that helps children problem solve while learning addition. Although primarily targeted for grades 1 - 2, older players can devise strategies where basic statistical knowledge can help. The game scales well to broad range of ages and abilities.


Look for sums of two cards that match a number on the board. For these cards, there are four possible sums: 10, 13, and 3 (but 13 is not on the board).

We’ll choose the corner (aiming for a diagonal) with 3 -- a number which advanced players may notice lies near the tail end of the bell curve. We’ll place it now lest we never get another chance.

Touch 0 card and the number appears beneath the board.

Now touch the 3 card to get the equation 0 + 3 (you can touch a card again to remove a number if you change your mind).

Touch the 3 cell to mark it and draw again (or touch the cell to remove the mark and try a different pair of cards).

This 10 could become a second crossing diagonal (to make an X) if we can place 16 as the last move, but the 19 will be difficult.

The only combinations are 18, 8, and 10. None of those are available on the board, so we can draw again (if a move is possible with a dealt hand, you must use that hand to mark a number).

We got luck and can mark the 19 in the corner!

Skipping ahead a bit, the two diagonals are nearly complete. Earlier, a 16 was used off center to leave the crossing diagonals as a possible finish.

Unfortunately, 16 came up as the only possible move. We can still aim for the upper left corner as the last move with a possible connecting vertical, horizontal, and diagonal meeting at the upper left 6.

The very next move gave us 12 as the only possibility. As a diagonal, it’s a Bungo Uroca win.

Touch the Bungo Uroca button to confirm the win.

We can now shake the iPhone or iPod Touch to hear bongos and maracas (for a Bungo Uroca win). If it had been a Bungo win (horizontal) only bongos would play. If it had been an Uroca win (vertical) only maracas would play. The bongos sense side to side movement and the maracas sense vertical movement.